Data Editor

Your data's new life

A fresh take on spreadsheets with two-way sync, computed columns, and a little pizzazz.

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Glide data editor UI composition
Glide Data Editor

A smooth-scrolling data-syncing number-crunching wonder.

Sync your data where it lives.

Keep your existing tools and data without migration.

No code. No formulas.

How do you program without code or formulas? It’s all in the columns.

Your developers can extend it.

Extend Glide with open-source code on GitHub.

Powered by Open Source.

The data grid is MIT-licensed. Use it in your own projects!

Data Sources

Bring your own data. Keep it that way.

Glide connects to your data where it lives. No migration, no lock-in – just connect & sync.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Sheet tabs becomes tabs in your app. Changes sync in minutes.

Glide Tables

Glide Tables

Built-in, easy to use, and can be shared between apps.



Workbooks in Office 365 sync to Glide, allowing streamlined editing.



Your single source of truth for powerful business solutions.



Build apps with millions of rows from your data warehouse.

Have a data source you’d love to see?
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Programming made easy

Columns, not code.

Columns transform, combine, and derive insights from data.

Data columns hold your app’s information.

Text, numbers, email addresses, images, documents, signatures, files, geocoordinates, and more.

Computed columns bring your data to life.

Lookup values in other tables, create messages, do math, generate QR codes, measure distances, call APIs–all without code or spreadsheet formulas.

Everything stays in sync.

Everything stays in sync.

When data changes in Glide, it syncs directly back to your Google Sheet, your Excel workbook, or your Airtable base.

It's Open Source on GitHub
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